Let us help create your dream space


Stage 1: Scaffolding.

Scaffolders will arrive to erect the scaffolding one or two days before the project on your loft conversion commences, they will need access to the front and the rear of your property.

It is always a nice gesture to let your neighbours know a day or so earlier before the scaffolding is going to be erected.

Stage 2: Team introduction.

Your Pro Lofts team leader will arrive at 8 a.m. prompt and will introduce himself and the rest of the team. He will also receive any deliveries and store them in a safe place at the property, the materials will then be covered up and protected from the elements of the weather.

Stage 3: Construction of the floor.

The team will create an access through the roof at the rear of the property, this will be used as the entrance to your loft conversion throughout the project, and will be tiled back in at the end of each working day, until the new staircase is installed in the last three weeks of the project.

The team will then install any flitch or steel beams if required, we then Install new floor joists as per our Pro Lofts architect’s drawings and structural engineers report.

Stage 4: Survey of the new staircase.

Once the floor joists have been installed, it’s time for our Pro Lofts stair surveyor to take some dimensions and start to design your new stairway.

At the time of this process work on your loft project will continue, the new staircase will not be installed until the last three weeks of the project to ensure minimum disturbance to you and your family.

Stage 5: Hip to gable end construction

The team will remove the hip from the side of your roof and reconstruct a new gable end, to give your loft space full width of the property; this is normally constructed of timber and rendered at a later stage in the project.

This only applies if you are having a hip to gable end style of loft conversion.

Stage 6: Dormer construction

The dormer pack will be cut the day before construction of the dormer process. This is where the team will cut all of the timbers as a pack form, ready for construction the next day.

On the day of construction, the team will open up the roof at the rear of the property and construct a new timber frame dormer, the team will then install new flat roof joists, as per architect drawings, and deck out the new flat roof with WBP ply and to create a water tight dormer shell.

This will happen all in one day.

Stage 7: First fix installation

Installation of all first fix electric cables for plug sockets, light switches, pendant lights or spotlights, shaver sockets or smoke alarms.

Installation of all first fix plumbing for all showers, sinks, and toilets or wet rooms.

At this stage, we would recommend that the home owner takes some time with the team leader to discuss positions of fixtures and fittings, to create the ultimate Pro Loft finish.

Stage 8: Insulation & plasterboard.

At this stage, the team leader will ensure that all Velux windows and any other form of lighting has been installed, once this has taken place the Pro Loft team will commence insulating your loft conversion. When this is complete your loft space is then plaster boarded ready for plastering works.

Stage 9: Installation of the new staircases

Once the new staircase has been fabricated the team leader will receive a call from the factory with a delivery date.

The day before installation of the new staircase the team will lay floor tape to protect any floor furnishings we will also lay dust-sheets in these areas.

You will be given plenty of notice before any of this takes place.

At this stage, the team will create an opening in the ceiling through to the new loft conversion ready for the date of installation, this is normally within one or two days after the opening has been formed.

Stage 10: Plasterers stage

When the plastering team arrive on site, they will be introduced by the team leader, once they have been walked around the site the team will begin bringing in materials and start to prepare the plasterboard ready for plaster the next day.

The plastering will begin in the loft conversion and they will then work their way down through the new landing and staircase then finishing up with any plastering and making good work on the existing landing.

All plastering works will be finished within 4 to 5 days, at the time this is taking place the loft team will continue on the outside and finish off any exterior works.

Stage 11: Second fix

At this stage, the team leader will call back the electrician to fit any second fixtures and fittings i.e. plug sockets, lights.

Also, he will rebook the plumber to carry out a similar process, all bathroom second fixtures and fittings i.e. shower, basin, toilet.

Whilst the above is taking place, the team will be finishing off all of the second fix timber work i.e. doors, skirting, architraves and trims, we are now at the closing stages of the project.

Stage 12: Snagging and hand over of the project

Our team leader will then book a convenient time with the customer, to take a walk around the site and point out any snags that they may have picked up on, we can then add this to the list we would have made prior to the site walk.

Once the list is complete the team will proceed to tidy up any lose ends that maybe on the snagging list.

Once the snagging is finalised we call in our Pro Lofts cleaning team, they will clean the new loft conversion and work their way down through both staircases and out through the main entrance, we will then hand back your living space and your Pro Loft conversion.

Stage 12a: hand over pack

A week or two after we hand your project over, you will receive a hand over pack in the post, this will contain all of the paperwork from Pro Lofts and any certifications you may need.