20th May 2021 ProLofts

What should you think about when asking for recommendations?

Here at Pro Lofts Essex, we understand how important recommendations from previous customers are.  When looking for a company to do any work in your house you want to be comfortable that you have made the right decision and that normally starts with asking family, friends and neighbours who they have used.

But what else should you find out about a company before deciding to go with them?

Starting at the beginning of the process, who came to carry out the quote visit? Was it a salesmen or someone who would be involved in the work itself? At Pro Lofts Essex we have one person who carries out all the home visits and we find this produces a better service.  Paul has up to date knowledge of current building regulations and material prices meaning he will only give you accurate information and can really help advise you. There is no checking with the office needed!

During the quote visit did you feel satisfied all your questions were answered? Did you feel listened to? You do not want to feel ignored and if this is the case, will you have confidence that your project will turn out how you really wanted?

Was all the information up front useful? Were the company open about how the process was going to work? You want to feel that the company are being as open with you as possible. You do not want any hidden surprises later down the line.

Are you able to speak to any previous customers? Here at Pro Lofts we are proud of our previous work and are always happy to share photos and reviews. Our previous customers are happy to speak to anyone thinking of signing up with us.

Once you have decided to sign up, and perhaps paid a booking fee, were you then kept up to date with all the pre build process. Were the architects and planning dealt with in a timely fashion? Knowing what stage your project is at gives you peace of mind things are progressing as they should be.

How were any office staff to deal with? You do not want to be dreading a phone call from someone! A large home project is important and you want people working with you to create the space of your dreams.

Did you have to wait long for the project to start? Were you happy to wait? A wait time is not always a bad thing and means that the company is popular and already has other jobs lined up. If a company can start straight away why is no one else using them?

Do you know when payments will be required and how much? Never pay all the money upfront! Here at Pro Lofts Essex we provide a payment schedule which shows how much is due when and what it is for. You will only pay for work as it is happening which protects both the customer and us.

Possibly one of the most important things is what the build team are like. They are the ones that will be at your property every day and you want to feel confident they will respect your home. You want to know they will start on time and be neat and tidy whilst they are there.

And finally, were they happy with the finished result? Were any last queries dealt with? Were all necessary certificates received in a timely fashion?

If you have any questions we are only ever a phone call away and always happy to help.