17th June 2021 ProLofts

When will my loft conversion start?

This is our most asked question and we can understand why! Obviously once you have decided to have a loft conversion you are excited! However, there are a few reasons why we would not be able to start your job immediately.

The first stage of a loft conversion is to have the architect visit, plans must be drawn up, the project put in to planning with the council (if necessary) and then the structural calculations done. This all takes a minimum of 12 weeks. This is a really important stage as it is what will ensure that the finished job is how you want it. We will not rush this stage at all.

We are a popular company and many people recommend us. We have a lot of people contact us asking for quotations. This all means that we have a constant flow of jobs lined up to start. Clients have been happy to reserve their start date with us, for many months in advance because they know we are worth the wait.

COVID and the resulting lockdowns have also played a part and this year we are exceptionally busy. People working at home has encouraged the need for more space in the house. With less money spent on leisure activities and holidays people have also found they have the money to finally start a long wished for conversion.

We are a smaller company and we only have three teams working. Whilst this means we can only have three jobs running at a time this also means we are able to provide the same great quality across all these jobs. We are also able to offer a more personal service and there is a closer relationship between the site staff and the office staff.

We know we are worth the wait in the start dates!