13th May 2021 ProLofts

How do you pick the best company to complete your loft extension?

Trying to pick the best company to complete your loft extension, or any home improvements, can be stressful and time consuming.  Unless you have used a company before it had be hard to know how to select the company that is right for you.  Your budget obviously plays a big part in who you will pick but what else should you be thinking about?

Have you met anyone from the company? Have you had a job visit and not just an online quote? Our online cost calculator is a fantastic stating point but we visit all potential customers for a personalised quote. This means we really understand what the job will involve.

How did you get on with the company representative? Do you feel they listened to your questions? At your home visit we will listen to exactly what you want to achieve and advise the best way to achieve this. This includes any additional works that you might want.

Have you had quotes from different companies? It is always good practice to get at least three quotes from separate companies so you can compare them. Remember, a very low quote could mean the company might cut costs on materials and labour. A very high quote could mean the company is taking advantage!

You will probably want to your job to start as soon as possible but a wait for your start date is normal. It can be a red flag if the company can start straight away. Why are they not busy? Why do they not have worked lined up already?

Have you read reviews of previous jobs? Have you been able to see pictures of completed jobs? Have you been able to speak to other customers about their experience? A good company should always be happy to share this with you to give you peace of mind. Here at Pro Lofts Essex we are also happy to share reviews on our social media platforms and to put potential customers in touch with our previous customers.

Is the company transparent about what is and isn’t included in the cost? Do they include the drawings and structural calculations? If not, this may mean the company does not have a working relationship with any architects or structural engineers.

Are they transparent about when payments will be due and what each payment relates to? It will give you peace of mind if you know upfront what you will be paying and when. Every Pro Lofts Essex customer received their own personalised payment plan when they sign up with us.

Will the company liaise with the local Council and Building Control for you? This is another thing that will make the whole process much easier for you.

Is the company based locally to you? A local company should have better knowledge of the local council procedures and have relationships with local suppliers. This all leads to a smoother job.

You should not be worried about asking any questions you have. Any good company will be happy to help and here at Pro Lofts Essex we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.